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An Interview with Carlos Palma, Owner of Textura Rugs • September 24, 2020

When did Textura open?
June 2019

What were your goals when you opened?
To continue doing what I like to do, but focusing more on specific products and at a more specific (affordable) price point. Another goal was always to create some kind of a platform or a place to have resources to help out the community, there’s a lot of different things that are needed and I want to be able to contribute to that.

Have those changed now that you have been open for over a year?
Things are going according to plan

What is your philosophy as a business owner?
Its important for me to able to offer good employment opportunities for the people to work here and to also be able to support the greater Asheville community. I always want to have good long term relationships with the designers and clients. One of our goals is to increase our involvement in the community and to be a great example to our clients and other businesses and to be part of the effort to make improvements for everyone both in Asheville and globally.

How long have you been working in the rug industry?
My first job with rugs was in the year 2000. I initially was hired to help in the warehouse but within a couple years I was helping with clients and designers. So really I’ve been helping people find the right rug for 20 years.

How has your relationship to the industry and product changed over the years?
What’s fashionable and what’s considered trendy is both more important to people and more frequently changing than in used to be. Back when I started working with rugs, primary colors and formal styles were very popular. People cared more about construction, knot count, where it was from and the history. Recently, people are more focused on the style, color and design of the rug and want to make sure what they are buying is considered with the current trends. Also there is a much younger demographic interested in buying rugs than what they used to be. And people are more price conscious.

20 years ago, if an out of town interior designer called for a rug, I would take pictures with a regular camera, go get them developed, and then put them in an envelope and mail them by snail mail. A week or two later we might have a decision. Now we can communicate instantly with people who need rugs and since people can purchase online there is a higher expectation of availability to meet clients needs.

There used to be more of an “investment” mentality with rugs, like people expected their rugs to gain value over time.

Another thing that’s changed is that rug production used to be primary just from Turkey and Iran. Now rug production has really shifted to India and Pakistan. You also used to see a lot of handmade rugs coming from China, but that’s not really the case anymore.

What’s your favorite part about working at Textura?
Interacting with people.

Is this work challenging for you? Why or why not?
It is challenging, the part of running the business can definitely be challenging! Assisting people can also present challenges, but knowing what we do we always manage to help people find what they need to a point where the challenges are also the part that I enjoy. It’s kind of what makes this work interesting, its something that I like.

What do you do in your free time?
Physical activities like running, practice martial arts, cleaning my house. I also try to get some rest and eat well so I’m prepared to take on the next week. I like to hike as well.

Do you have a favorite type of rug?
No I really don’t! When I get asked questions like that its similar to other things – like I don’t have a favorite type of food either, I can appreciate a lot of different things and find something cool and interesting in almost anything.

But if I really had to choose a preference, I’d say I prefer older tribal rugs. They are very unique since they are made by different families and the designs are never symmetrical, there’s always natural variations and inconsistencies in the color which I find appealing.